European Sustainability Science Group

The European Sustainability Science Group - ESSG - consists of researchers and consultants in the fields of global change research and development research from seven European countries at present and partners from outside Europe.

The overall vision of ESSG is a more implementation-oriented way of carrying out research projects for sustainable development: linking the worlds of science and practice - of knowledge and action.

In their work the members of ESSG have long made the experience that they have to conquer conditions which do not support and enable them to really contribute to sustainable development.

ESSGs target is to work towards sensible change of the conditions under which sustainability science at present can be conducted. This concerns especially the frameworks, parameters and research designs within the science systems and the science funding systems in Europe. It includes developing recommendations for science policy and science funding on national as well as EU level, feeding them into the relevant channels, carry out pilot implementations and building networks.

Current project: